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Beach Yoga
Dates: Sunday
8/21 & 9/4 and Weds 8/24
7am to 8am on GRB!

Upcoming Events:
  • Yoga Hike with KCT
    Trust  : Tuesday
    Aug 23rd 1030am
    (sign up required)
    FMI Visit http://www.

  • Paddleboard Yoga:
    Group and private
    sessions and tours
    by appointment.
    Email or call FMI.
    Class Options
    posted on Facebook
    and schedule page

  • Fall Equinox Yoga
    with Live Acoustic
    Music: Thursday
    Sept  26 from 6p-8p
    Advanced sign up
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Let YOGA inspire your inner MUSE.

The ancient practice of Hatha Yoga, physical postures and breathing techniques, offers a
natural back drop for your own inner Muse to reveal herself. By slowing down and
cultivating Mind-Body-Breath connection on the yoga mat, not only does one allow the
body to speak, to be heard, to be strengthened and stretched, one allows the mind to
clear, to quiet, and it is in this slowing down, this quieting of our busy minds that we begin
to touch our innate equanimity, to tap into the inner pool of stillness that exists within each
one of us. I believe that here, in this space, we are able to hear our inner Muses, to be

Whatever brings you to the yoga mat or yogic lifestyle, I  invite each person to be as they
are, to personalize their practice. I teach with the intention to create a safe, supportive
space for the  personal exploration of yoga, on any level.

Threading Yoga philosophy into the asana (posture) practice, one might begin to look at
principles such as Ahimsa: non-violence/loving kindness,  Satya:truthfulness, Asteya: Non
stealing, to name a few of the Yogic Yamas or ethical disciplines. Perhaps Yoga can
AMUSE your spirit to move toward these principles.

Private and Group Yoga Instruction
Kennebunkport, Maine
Tel. 207- 838-9684
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